Company History

In 1979, The O’Connell Companies was established as the parent company of Daniel O’Connell’s Sons, O’Connell Development Group, Appleton Corporation, and a number of other O’Connell subsidiaries. But our company’s history begins 100 years earlier, on the streets of Holyoke, Massachusetts.

In 1879, our company’s founder, Daniel O’Connell, quit his job as Holyoke’s Superintendent of Streets, rather than make room for a new Mayor’s friends. The next day, our company was founded.

The history of The O’Connell Companies is the story of hard-working people building a reputation of integrity and quality, and always following Dan’s motto to “Strive for Excellence.”

Daniel J. O’Connell, the founder’s grandson, recognized the need to expand and diversify beyond the local market and into construction-related fields. Beginning in the 1970s, he led our company into several other successful activities including real estate development and property management. His business philosophy and emphasis on fair dealing continue to guide us today.

Since 1879, Daniel O’Connell’s Sons has grown from a local general contractor building roads and bridges to a regional construction company offering sophisticated construction management and general contracting services to both public and private clients. In 1975, we established Western Builders to pursue smaller construction jobs.

In 1972 Appleton Corporation, an Accredited Management Corporation, was formed to manage real estate, and now provides facilities management for both residential and commercial customers, resident services programs, security, accounting, and financial services.

Professional Excellence

The O’Connell Companies’ employees maintain a high standard of professionalism in performing their duties as well as in their dealings with clients, customers, employees, vendors, visitors, and other persons with whom they interact.

This is accomplished through the team environment that is so strongly encouraged and such an integral part of how the O’Connell Companies operates its properties.

Team members are encouraged to share their ideas, concerns, and suggestions to effectively carry out The O’Connell Companies’ common goal of “Striving for Excellence”.